It all began with an online store in March 2018, with the purpose to show different values can coexist whilst making a vegan lifestyle more accessible for Japanese residents.


CEO Kaito Karasawa and co-founder Wataru Miyamoto started Japan’s first vegan lifestyle online store ‘LOVST-TOKYO’ in March 2018. They made a selection of stylish yet timeless items from overseas brands to offer to Japanese consumers. Being to first to bring a collection of fashion items to Japan made of innovative materials that involve no animal cruelty, their activities did not go unnoticed by Japanese consumers, media, and designers. However, this positive response did not reflect their sales results and the two found themselves in a contradict position when they started doing discounts as those indirectly promote the throwaway society - a movement they do not want to encourage nor be associated with in any way.


At this stage, they reconsidered their concept and decided they wanted to only sell products they feel confident about to take full responsibility of. That’s why in 2020, they started preparing a private brand. This resulted in a collection of items that reflects the honest opinion they received from loyal customers, combined with the company’s philosophy message. LOVST-TOKYO aims to become an apparel brand that respects each and everyone’s unique values without creating borders or enforcing any labels.