『FASHION MEETS COMPASSION 』ファッションが思いやりに出会うとき


LOVST-TOKYO aims to become an apparel brand that respects each and everyone’s unique values without creating borders or enforcing any labels. Additionally, our team of innovative and devoted members is preparing itself for the next leap. 




Brand Message

You can be the creator of this world where your compassion aligns the way you dress. It is your task to define our purpose of existence and determine how we will fill in our lives from the day beyond today. No sacrifices or harm should be needed in order to enjoy fashion. We strongly believe that adopting a new type of fashion and animal-friendly lifestyle will help you to discover and appreciate new values, leading to true happiness.







Our Philosophy

We have faced many challenges along our long journey towards creating our ideal world. At times, accepting the fact that our ideals clash with the current capitalist society were necessary, too. 

At the same time, we felt the importance of staying true to ourselves and our values in order to become a reliable example for followers.

If you want to return something to society, it is important to have a critical look at your own consumer behaviour first. You don’t have to continue to support an entity that conflicts with your values. Instead, you can pursue your own ideals with the choices you make. 

We believe that each individual’s  personality and energy is what this world needs the most. It is our mission to improve accessibility of items for you to pursue a lifestyle that is minimalist yet fashionable and above all, animal friendly.

Your strong will and actions will certainly turn into someone else’s positive energy and lead them to true happiness.

Creative Director - Ashley van Gool